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Creativity is an exhausting slog, punctuated by moments of joy

Creativity vacillates between dopamine-fueled highs and soul-sucking lows. That’s what makes it so fun and terrifying. It’s not for everybody. People write all these blog posts about how to be creative, I assume, for the folks who are already creative but are currently living on the soul-sucking half of the wave and need someone to tell them how to be creative all. day.… Read more →

Chuck Norris: The Manliest Man Alive

A blast from the past, I interviewed Chuck Norris back in 2006. It was one of my favorite stories I wrote in college. It was lost when the hosting for the Nevada Sagebrush expired, so here it is again for old time sake. Denting the world, one kick at a time According to “facts” floating around on the Internet, Chuck… Read more →