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My design work is firmly rooted in newspaper layout with new expressions in web design and logos.

The Great Reno Whiskey Hunt

In September 2014, I worked with Yelp community editor Michael Tragash to create the Great Reno Whiskey Hunt. Michael had the idea of approaching the Boys & Girls Club and Southern Wine and Spirits to partner with their event, Barrels & Bites. The idea was to create a city-wide game where people would visit seven different bars and collect seven different whiskey collector cards to spell the word WHISKEY. If you could collect all seven in three weeks, they could get into Barrels & Bites for free.

So, only having four weeks to set this all up, I set out to create the WHISKEY cards below. Overall it was a huge success. About 100 people played the game, meaning each bar went through an entire case of whiskey. Boys & Girls Club, Southern Wine, Michael, the bars and I were all pretty happy with the results.

The WHISKEY cards were designed to mock their specific whiskey bottles and used actual elements from the brand when possible. In the second gallery you can see them next to their bottles for better examples. You’ll note the final versions in the first gallery are a little different than the promotional pictures.




WHISKEY cards with their bottles

The Nevada Sagebrush news design

In college I worked at the Nevada Sagebrush, the student newspaper. I started out as A&E editor then moved into the Design Editor position. While there, I created a lot of really fun, uninhibited work. In each example below, I worked with photographers and writers to create the best design package. In many of the examples, such as Looking Inside Nevada Baseball, I chopped the baseball gear up, took the photos and laid out the section. With The Manliest Man Alive, I did the interview with Chuck Norris and used hand out art to create a two page story.